OUTLAST + Whistleblower 全笔记重译 赭 Φ 夜: 含有恐怖游戏OUTLAST(中译《逃生》)的大量剧透。 在电脑端查看效果更佳。 【贴吧首发时的原序】 笔记和文档是游戏的重要组成部分。但是原汉化组在为《Outlast》进行翻译的时候非常仓促,许多内容不全甚至直接扔进翻译器里机翻(毕竟人家不收钱,也就算了吧)。导致玩家云里雾里,逃到最后也不知道穆科夫是公司还是个人?“瓦尔里德”和比利·霍普是什么关系?记者是不是有蛇精病? 当然,这些涉及剧情的问题在@被神遗忘的世界 @电锯厨师马内拉 等大神的分析贴子里都能得到详尽的解答。 我决定抱着虚心学习的心态试着为大家重译记者的笔记(notes)。笔记共31条,是个中期工程。半娱乐向。(后来趁热打铁也补充了DLC的18条。)有什么知道的梗或黑色幽默也会提出来。不过毕竟才疏学浅,请大家多指教。 英文部分来源:OUTLAST Wikia 游戏截图:百度贴吧 maavi 翻译:负一(赭 Φ 夜) 插图:也是我 “ [ ] ”符号表示原文中无此内容,为了理解而增补 【正篇 - OUTLAST】Miles Upshur 01 Mount Massive Asylum I started feeling sick just looking at this place. Mount Massive Asylum, shut down amid scandal and government secrecy in 1971, reopened by Murkoff Psychiatric Systems in 2009 under the guise of a charitable organization. Cell phone reception cut off abruptly a mile out, more like a jammer than lost signal. The Murkoff Corporation has a long track recorded of disguising profit as charity. But never on American soil. Whatever they thought they could get out of this place has to be big. Might finally be the story that breaks the bastards. 01 巨山精神病院 单是看一眼这个地方我就开始恶心。巨山精神病院:1971年停业,相关流言颇多,政府曾介入掩盖事实。2009年穆科夫精神病研究组打着慈善的幌子使之重新开张。 方圆一英里内的手机收讯被突然切断,比起山中的信号丢失,更像是受到人为干扰。穆科夫公司伪装成慈善机构获取利益已经很长时间,但还从没有在美国这么干过。他们自以为能从这里榨取的油水一定非同寻常……也许这一次挖到的新闻终于可以扳倒这帮混蛋。 02 I'm Inside I'm inside. Bodies everywhere. Blood. Burn marks. Heads lined up like bottles behind a bar, Dead Murkoff scientists hung from the ceiling; their badges say Murkoff Advanced Research Systems. Murkoff's longtime M.O. has been to profit off the exploitation of supposed charity. Fuck the third world and bankroll another billion. How did Murkoff think they would make money off a building full of crazy people? There's some kind of tactical cop pinned like a pig on a spit. Tells me to get the fuck out and then dies. Would have been a good thing to hear when I could still leave the way I came. 02 我进来了 我进来了。到处都是尸体,血,烧焦的痕迹。扯下来的人头整齐排列成一行行,就像吧台后面的酒瓶子。死掉的穆科夫科学家们吊在天花板上,名牌上写道“穆科夫高级研究组”——穆科夫靠着长期以来惯有的作案手法* 已经从所谓的“慈善”中获利了:榨取第三世界国家,再投资十个亿……可是他们怎么会想要靠在这儿开疯人院赚钱? 这儿有个武装警察** 烤猪一样穿在铁钎子上。他叫我逃出这地方,然后就死翘了。倒是件好事——如果我还能走我来时的路回去的话*** 。 -- * 关于该集团之前的“事迹”,可参看阿乾前辈的翻译作品:The Devil's Bargain ** 这位殉职的大叔名叫Stephenson,与主角由同一位CV配音。 ***这时候已经爬不上来时的通风管,而且门被病人锁上了,回去的路已经封死,主角一定是带着相当懊恼无力的心态这么写的。(笑) 03 Broken Men and Dead Television A crowd of broken men watching a dead television. They look like patients. They survived whatever happened here but nobody's home. 03 坏掉的人与死去的电视机* 一群坏掉的可怜人盯着死掉的电视机。他们也许是病人吧。无论这里发生了什么,他们侥幸存活下来了,但是无家可归。 -- * 这里可能玩了文字游戏。broken本来适用于形容电视而dead形容人。主角把两个词对调来描述当时状况。 04 The Witness I'm already beat all to hell, picking broken glass out of my scalp, couple cracked ribs. Nearly killed by a deformed giant, looks like somebody tried to fuck-start his head with a cheese grater. He throws me through a wall, knocks me unconscious. I wake up and some doughy old man with a face like an alcoholic kiddy fiddler in a homemade priest outfit calls me his Apostle. Not a job I asked for. There are words scrawled in blood everywhere. I'm getting an ugly feeling in my gut that the Priest is writing them, and for my benefit. 04 见证人 我整个人被打进了地狱,从头皮里拔出玻璃屑,还断了几根肋骨。差点让一个巨人生物给弄死——那丑陋畸形的脸,就好像是曾试图用奶酪刨子* 给自己整容一样。他把我扔过一面墙。直接击昏。 醒过来时,有个穿自制牧师装的面团脸老头儿(其神情让我想起一些酗酒的恋童癖)管我叫他的使徒** 。我可没答应过干这活儿。 到处都是用血涂抹出来的字迹。想到是“牧师”在写这些——而且是为了我在写——我的胃要不舒服啦。 -- * 奶酪刨丝器:用于把奶酪和其他蔬果锉成片状或条状的工具。 ** 使徒(Apostle):耶稣开始传道后从追随者中拣选的十二个作为传教助手的门徒。 05 Big Fucking Guy The big fucker is stalking me. Found a patient file for CHRIS WALKER, ex-military police, several tours in Afghanistan. A lot of the blood in this place is on his hands. But not all of it. 05 该死的大家伙 这个大块头在跟踪我。找到了 [他的] 病人档案:克里斯•沃克,警察,当过兵,去过几次阿富汗。这里很多死人都是被他杀的……但不全是他杀的。 06 Father Martin's Cell The Priest, FATHER MARTIN brought me here to show me something. Thinks I'm going to be a witness for whatever batshit crazy he's trying to sell me. This DR. WERNICKE is at the center of whatever went wrong here. But he died more than ten years ago. Rest in Peace, says the blood on the wall. 06 马丁神父的囚房 那个牧师,“马丁神父”,把我整到这地方来,想给我展示些什么。他以为我会给他当见证人,见证他那些又蠢又疯的随便什么东西。这个“威尼克医生”是这里一切灾祸的中心人物;可是他 [本应] 十年前就死了。“愿你安息。”——墙上的血迹如是说* 。 -- * 显然威尼克医生没有 rest in peace 。 07 Necromantic Fuck this place. Seriously, just fuck this place. Dying keeps moving lower on the list of worst things that could happen to me. 07 招魂术* 操他吗的让这个地方见鬼吧,真的,见鬼吧。 [自从来到这里,] 在这份由“可能发生在我身上的最惨的事”组成的列表里,“单纯死掉”的排名一直在变低。 -- * 记录于监狱大楼,某病号奸|尸的场面。标题necromantic是necromancy的变形,“招魂术”,意即“巫师为了召唤死者灵魂对尸体作法”。同时词里还包含另一词romantic浪漫。原来比单纯死掉更惨的事儿就是死后还被…… 08 Total Security I can't shake Chris Walker, the big ugly fucker who likes ripping people's heads. I hear him muttering about security protocols, containment. What if he's not the problem? What if he's trying to fix it? 08 完善的安保 我甩不掉克里斯•沃克,这个喜欢扯人脑袋的大块头,丑八怪……我听见他念叨着什么安全协议,收容事项……如果他本身并不是问题所在呢?如果他其实是在试图解决问题* ? -- * For those who didn't know,胖子大量杀人很可能是为了防止下一个“宿主”的出现。 09 Walrider The word Walrider is all over this place. Murkoff was running an experiment called PROJECT WALRIDER, but the patients talk about the Walrider like it's a physical presence. A spirit or demon. Something they found in the mountain. I'd chalk it up to schizophrenic delusion, but I just saw something. Maybe. Maybe it was the glitch in the camera. Or maybe this place getting to me. 09 瓦尔里德 这个房间里到处写满了“瓦尔里德”一词。穆科夫曾开展过一场名叫“瓦尔里德计划”的实验,但这里的病人提到它时,就仿佛它是一个有形体的鬼魂。一个灵体,或者恶魔。瓦尔里德——这就是他们在山里发现的事物* 。我很想把这些都归结为精神分裂的妄想,但我刚才瞥到了一些东西……可能……可能是摄影机出了差错……或者是这地方要把我逼疯了。 -- * 这就是他们在山里发现的事物 (Something they found in the mountain):可能是与Waylon的告密信中 “Doctors talking about dream therapy going too deep, finding something that had been waiting for them in the mountain” 的呼应。 10 The Doctor is Dead The patient know Dr. Wernicke is dead. One asks me, what kind of experiment does a dead doctor perform on living patients? What is PROJECT WALRIDER? 10 医生已死 这个病人知道威尼克医生死了。有人问我,“由已死的医生在尚活着的病人身上进行的是哪种实验?”瓦尔里德计划是哪种实验? 11 A Feast for Flies I thought this sewer couldn't smell any worse. Hundreds of bodies crammed into a room, thousands of flies. Is this the Priest's way out? 11 苍蝇的盛会 这条排水沟还敢再臭点吗——几百具尸体填满了一个房间,陪伴他们的还有上千的苍蝇。这就是牧师说的“出路*”? -- * 出路(way out):这个词的宗教色彩挺浓重的,之后多次出现。 12 Organized Torture The harder I try to escape, the further I get into this god awful place. Like fight a tar pit. They've been torturing people in the basement, and by method. Written on the wall – FINGERS FIRST. THEN BALLS. THEN TONGUE. Somebody's managing the torture, instructing them. 12 规划好的折磨 我越是努力想要逃离,就在这个鬼地方陷得越深。这就像掉入沥青坑后挣扎一样。 他们一直在地下室拷打折磨人,而且还发展出了套路。墙上写着“首先是手指。然后是生殖器* 。然后是舌头。”有人在经营这一套折磨。他在指导着他们。 -- * 原汉化中译作“眼球”,但……眼球一般用eyeball吧……balls能表示眼球吗?想到病院里有眼睛的病人比有叽叽的多,就先这么理解吧。 13 Dr. Rick Trager TRAGER. Sick fucker cut my fingers off. Has tortured and mangled dozens of patients, I watch him murder another one, nothing I can do about it. Talks like a white collar business school douchebag, probably has a set of golf clubs in the trunk of his Audi. I'd bet the rest of my fingers he was Murkoff brass before whatever's infected this place changed him. I want out of this place. I want my fucking fingers back. I want to see Trager die. 13 里克•特雷格医生 特-雷-格。变态死混蛋剪掉了我的手指还摧残折磨了数十的病人,我眼看着他杀死又一个人却什么都做不了。他的言谈像个白领,商学院的人渣,也许在奥迪车的后备箱里还放着一套高尔夫球棍。我以剩下的这些手指打赌,在这个地方腐烂变质让所有人发疯之前,他曾是个穆科夫高管* 。 我要从这里出去。 我要我的手指头。 我要看特雷格死。 -- * Brass有个挺少见的含义就是部队或机构的高层人物。 14 Death of Trager How To Make Trager Juice Step 1: squeeze. 14 特雷格之死 如何制取特雷格汁 步骤1:挤压 15 Let It Burn I'm not the only victim here, not by a long shot. I watch a man wait to burn to death, the most painful death imaginable, rather than stay in this place. 15 燃烧吧 我不是这里唯一的受害者,远远不是。我看到一个人宁愿等着被烧死* ——以一种能够想象到的最痛苦的方式死去——而非在这地方苟活。 -- * 写于厨房火场。虽然长得丑、剧情短、默默无闻、跟主角对着干,但Pyro(纵火犯)是游戏中难得的有理智且值得爱的人物。PS:他有自己特殊的BGM。 16 Fingers I've said it before, but fuck this place. I've still got those fingers left. 16 手指 我知道我之前说过一遍,但还是要说,让-这-个-地-方-见-鬼-吧……至少我还保下了几根手指。 17 The Thing in the Dark God help me, I think I've seen the Walrider. 17 暗中之物 神啊,救救我……我想我刚刚见着瓦尔里德了。 18 Don't Drink the Water So much blood in the water I can smell it. Like putting a penny in your mouth when you were a kid. The whispers are making more sense, I'm looking for static. It's like an itch. 18 别喝那水 水里的血这么多,都能嗅得出来。像小时候含着一枚分币时嘴里的味道。那些低语声现在逐渐能说得通了。我在寻找着“静电”。这就像挠痒痒的渴望* 。 -- * … Silky, you look silky … Are you my friend? I need to tell you a secret … I have an itch. 19 The Sound in the Machine The sound in the machine; like the sound in my head when Walrider appeared. I blink and I see static, something else. Something oily and dark descending behind my eyelids. Watching me with organs I can't imagine. But the sound is coming from the machine, too. From inside the walls. I know that sound… 19 机器里的声音 机器里的声音。和瓦尔里德出现时我脑中的嗡鸣* 一样。眨眼就会看见静电 [干扰时屏幕上的雪花点] ,还有一些别的东西,漆黑油腻的东西,在眼睑后面慢慢下滑……用我无法想象的某种器官看着我……但是声音也从机器里出来。从墙壁里出来。我知道那声音是…… -- * 接近瓦尔里德(蜂群)的人类耳中会响起嗡鸣声。大家可以听听汤不热上这段官方音乐感受一下:Swarm Ambience – Samuel Laflamme 20 No Safe Place A dead body at the bottom of the elevator shaft, surrounded by food. He barricaded himself in someplace safe, someplace nobody could reach him. It didn't work. 20 无处可躲 电梯井底部,一具被食物包围的尸体。他在一个安全的地方,一个无人能触及他的地方,堆砌了自己的堡垒…… 这没有用。 21 Lies I recognize the handwriting. Father Martin killed a man here. Are the LIES he's talking about all the files missing from these boxes? The facts? The records? They look like government agency material, at least thirty years old, probably older. I start thinking MKULTRA, CIA. Mind Control. The buzzing won't stop. 21 谎言 我认出了那字迹。马丁神父在这里杀死了一个人。他 [在墙上] 写下“谎言”——他指的是这些盒子里缺失的文件?证据?档案?看起来像政府机构的材料,起码有三十年历史了,可能还要更久。联想到中情局的MKULTRA计划,精神控制之类的。 [脑袋里的] 这种嗡嗡声* 真是不会停了。 -- * 嗡鸣(buzzing):原汉化“这想法挥之不去”。但主角被幽灵调戏后一直念叨自己身体里骨头里有声音,就这样译吧。 22 The Wernicke Exit Interview The man sounds like Dr. Strangelove's anemic brother. It's a twenty-five year old audio recording, an interview with this Dr. Wernicke. Los Alamos means government work. Wernicke talks about spontaneous bleeding, tumors, psychosomatic reactions in sufficiently disturbed people. Seems to walk a line between science and Nazi mysticism. Only a test subject who had witnessed enough horror was capable of activating the engine. The Morphogenic engine. The Engine. The movie they're projecting. It gets in my head like a song you can't stop humming. I blink and I see Rorschach tests that look like swarming insects and infected surgery needles. The patients talk about using the Engine to conjure the Walrider. It's the buzzing I hear in my bones. 22 威尼克离职访谈 [影像里的] 男人的腔调听上去像奇爱博士* 的一个比较弱气的翻版。这段录像有二十五年历史了,受访的就是这个威尼克医生。洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室** ——这么说,这一档子事也是由政府在背后操纵的喽。威尼克提到了什么自发出血,肿瘤,以及长期处于干扰和不安状态下的人的身心反应。一切介于现代科学和纳粹神秘主义之间。 他说,“实验体在见证了足量的恐怖后才能激活发生仪。”——是 [瓦尔里德的] 形态发生仪……他们放映的雪花屏的影像……像一首哼着停不下来的小调一样在我脑子里盘旋…… 眨眼时能看见罗夏墨点。像成群飞舞的虫子,或者已污染的手术针。 病人们提到,用发生仪来召唤瓦尔里德……。那就是……发生仪……瓦尔里德……就是我头骨中嗡嗡不停的声音。 -- * 奇爱博士(Dr.Strangelove):来自同名电影,具体……大家可以自行豆瓣。关键词:黑色幽默,冷战,纳粹,宗教,扭曲,性。怎么想都会是主角会感兴趣的题材。 ** 洛斯阿拉莫斯国家实验室:1943年成立,以研制出世界上第一颗原子弹而闻名于世。【实验室在二战期间由罗斯福总统倡议建立,这里云集了大批世界顶尖科学家】,……世界上第一颗原子弹和第一颗氢弹都在此诞生,使这个实验室蜚声海内外。(摘自百科。看来战争末期威尼克是被提溜到这儿来了) 23 Static Prayer The static again. A patient knelt in prayer. Maybe he bought Father Martin's line of bullshit. Maybe he hears what I hear but more clearly. Maybe it's his way out of this place. The Priest called it the Gospel of Sand. 23 静电祷告 哈。又是 [受到] 静电干扰 [的屏幕] 。一个病人跪下来向雪花点祷告。也许他是相信了神父的胡扯,也许他是听见了我此刻听见的 [嗡鸣] ,只不过听得比我更清晰明白。也许这 [祷告] 就是他的“出路”。神父管这个叫“沙之福音”** 。 -- * 摘引wikia上一位匿名玩家的发言:If you look at the TV, you can see the images that were projected on the screen in the theater. This means that you are now seeing what the patients' are seeing, since you have gone through the trauma needed to activate the engine.大意就是,在这里如果看向电视屏幕,可以看到雪花点中出现了罗夏墨点,而在游戏开始时三个病人看电视那里主角还看不到,说明主角身体里发生着可怕的事情,他渐渐变得和接受实验的病人们相近了。 ** 沙之福音(Gospel of Sand):原本百思不得其解,再想想,雪花点不就是长得和沙子一样嘛。游戏中有同名文档 The Gospel of Sand(内容是摘述的马丁神父一段胡扯)可以参考。 24 The Passion of Father Martin I can't believe Father Martin one-upped Jesus Christ himself in shitty ways to die. And I don't believe I'm going to miss him. A way out. If he's telling the truth, now I've got a way out. And a story to tell. He wants me to spread his gospel. I'll tell the whole fucking world. 24 马丁神父的殉道* 我几乎无法相信马丁神父死得比耶稣基督他老人家还要惨烈。我也不相信自己会缅怀他。一条出路——如果他没骗我,那么我有一条出路离开这个鬼地方了!还有一整个故事可以给别人吹。马丁想让我给他传教?我他吗的会传给全世界的。 -- * 见到的版本几乎都把passion给翻成“激情”……开玩笑。 ** Now, My Son - Samuel LaFlamme(神父自焚BGM) 25 Under the Mountain Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Whoever finds my corpse- trust no one and tell everyone. I am not crazy. I know, I know, only crazy people say that. But I am as sane as this world allows, with a camera full of evidence. Don't call it a gospel. Call it a mockery of reason, let the world know it is Murkoff's fault. Bury these bastards with my mutilated dead body. 25 巨山之下* 操……糙,槽,草,操。 嘿,找到我的遗体的那位。我跟你说,别相信任何人,只要把我记录的这一切昭示天下。我没有疯,我知道只有疯子会说自己没疯,但此刻的我不可能更清醒了。相机里一切证据绝非造假,确凿无疑。这些证据,不是使徒传播的福音,而是对一切理性的嘲笑。去让世界知道:都是穆科夫的错。把这群畜生和我七零八落的尸体一起填埋。 -- * 记录于:原以为可以大摇大摆走人、却被电梯送进地下实验室后。 26 Morpogenic Formula This is the Morphogenic Engine. A few lines of mathematics, an algorithm. Reprogram us, turn us into nightmare factories. A few numbers on a dry erase board. Give me a hacksaw and a few hours alone with Dr. Wernicke's corpse. I feel I owe him a debt. 26 形态发生仪方程式 这就是形态发生仪。寥寥几行数学,一个简单的运算,就能把我们重新编程,把我们的身体变为一座生产噩梦的工厂。一切只需要一块白板上几个数字。我好像还欠威尼克医生点东西?给我拿把钢锯来,让我和他的遗体单独在一起,好好聊上一晚。 27 Death of the Soldier This is the way you die. Ripped to pieces from the inside, watching your marrow scatter on a concrete wall. You've escaped one Hell, Chris Walker. God help me but I somehow hope you didn't find another. 27 大兵之死 没想到你是这么死的,从内而外扯成碎片,只剩下一条条血肉挂在混凝土墙壁上。克里斯•沃克,你逃出了巨山这座地狱。上帝原谅我吧——我现在竟然有点希望你没有立刻堕入另一座* 。 -- * 主角也是逃生逃得和胖胖有点感情了。大家说Chris死后会上天堂吗?善良的精神病杀人狂会不会上天堂? 28 Wernicke's Machine The assembler, the feed chambers, the precursor molecules. Vague memories of nanotechnology articles I've read online, probably drunk, probably distracted. Not nearly enough to know how to destroy it. But Billy is the center of it. Find him. Kill him. End this. 28 威尼克的机器 “装配工”*,注液箱,前体分子……我很久以前在网上读到过关于纳米技术的文段,但根本记不清了,当时可能喝多了,或者注意力不集中。几乎都不知道怎么才能毁掉这些仪器。但比利是一切的中心。我只需要找到他。杀了他。终结一切。 -- * 装配工(The Assembler):麻省理工学院的埃里克•德雷斯勒(Eric Drexler)1986年出版的《创造的引擎》(Engines of Creation)详尽描述了操作原子大小物质的各种纳米技术的现状、未来发展潜力和危险。在书中,德雷斯勒设想过一种叫做“装配工”的纳米机械(nanomachine,有时也称为nanite)。通过原子的抓取和放置,这种人造的分子大小的纳米机械能够像人体内的蛋白质和酶一样,制造出任何东西,比如电视机和电脑——当然,也包括它们自己。(摘自百度知道) 29 Billy Hope From Billy's patient reports, he ought to be twenty-three years old. He looks like at least fifty years of rough road, pain scratched deep into what I can see. Killing you would be an act of kindness. 29 比利•霍普 从比利的病人档案上来看,他现在不过二十三岁。然而他看起来如此苍老,起码有五十五岁高龄了,全身无一处不刻满了伤痛的痕迹。 杀了你算得上仁义之举。 30 Life Support This is Billy Hope's lungs. His liver. His life support. A machine the size of a football stadium to keep one lunatic alive. Fuck it all. Break it all. He has to die. 30 维生系统 这里,这里就是比利·霍普的肺,还有他的肝,他的维生系统,一套机器能有一整个足球场那么大却只为了让一个神经病继续活着——操他吗的,都碎成渣吧他必须去死。 31 Death of Hope Billy is dead, the Walrider, the Swarm, whatever it is, unmade with him. Whether I escape or die here, I am free. 31 霍普之死* 比利死了。瓦尔里德,或者叫蜂群,已经随着他的死而毁灭殆尽,烟消云散。无论最后是逃出生天,还是死在这里,我都自由了。** -- * Death of Hope 希望之死 ** 或译:我都已经得救。 【DLC - Whistleblower】Waylon Park 01 If I Die I fucked up. Oh God. Where am I? Hours could have passed. Or weeks. Brain filled with static, they made we watch the... the engine. Have to get help. Have to call for help. Lisa, I'm sorry. If I die, I know you'll find me. I know you won't rest until you find my body. I hope you find this camera with my corpse. I hope the evidence on it does what I couldn't, exposes the truth. Lisa, baby, I'm so sorry. I fucked up. I thought I was doing the right thing. But I fucked up bad. 01 如果我死掉 我搞砸了。哦天啊,这是在什么地方?可能已经过了好几个小时了……或者几周。脑子里全是静电,雪花点。他们逼迫我看那个……仪器……不,我得找人帮帮我…… 丽萨,对不起。 如果我死掉,我知道你会到这里,找到我。 我想你永不会死心的——直到看见尸体。希望你在我的遗物里找到这台录像机。希望里面记录的证据能做到我这辈子做不到的——揭露真相。 丽萨,亲爱的,对不起。我搞砸了。我以为我能伸张正义……但我全搞砸了。我输得很惨。 02 A Radio in the Prison There's a radio. In the prison. Short wave. If it's electronic I can make it talk, make it work for me. There's hope, Lisa. I'm coming home to you. My mistake was subtlety, like you always said. I thought leaking information to a few journalists was the safer way. I didn't want the spotlight, the attention. Murkoff is dangerous, I know that. I thought I had to be subtle for your sake, Lisa, and for the boys. But I should have exposed what Murkoff is doing to the world, I should have shouted to anyone and everyone. I can't die. Not before I reach the radio. They can't cover this up now. It's too broken, too dangerous. 02 监狱的无线电 监狱大楼里有一台无线电。短波 [可以传播很长的距离] 。只要有电,就可以让它为我所用,联系外界。还有希望,丽萨。我还能回家见到你。 我做了错事,但都是“小动作”,就像你常说的那样。我只是给记者发了几个不起眼的小邮件,我当时以为这样做更安全、更合适。我不希望惹来公众关注,引起轩然大波。穆科夫残忍、危险且阴魂不散,我深知这点。我当时觉得,为了你,还有孩子们,我得谨慎些,只在暗处做点“小动作”。 我后悔了!我本该向全世界揭露穆科夫的恶行。我当时应该向每个人,向所有人大声吼出来。不,我不能死,摸到无线电机之前决不能死。这一次,他们纵然使出浑身解数,也无法再继续掩盖事实。这一次,事情实在太丑恶,太恐怖了。 03 The Doctors are Sick I'd never seen a man die before today. Never seen a dead body outside of a coffin. Dozens today, murdered and worse. I looked into one man's eyes as another tore him to pieces. Claimed he was a doctor, then saw the rags they've dressed me in and changed his story, said he was a patient. Could have been either. They're all crazy. All sick. No real difference between them now. The therapy is spreading. And what am I? I watched this man die and only thought, It's not me, thank god. I know I'll die someday. I don't want to be murdered. 03 医生也有病 以前我从未看着哪个人死,从未见过棺材外的尸体。但就在今天,一下子见了那么多。那么多人被杀害。其中一些,比被杀害还要糟糕。有个人被打得脑浆迸裂时,我还在直视他的眼睛。他先说自己是医生,看清我身上套的这堆破烂之后,又改口说自己是病人。也许二者皆是。医生和病人,都疯了。都如此病态。没有任何本质上的区别。越来越多的人被迫接受这种疯狂的治疗。我现在又算是什么呢?我看着那人死,脑子里却只想着:“死的不是我,真是太好了。” 人总会在某一天以某种方式死去。但我不想做被杀死的。 04 In the Cannibal's Kitchen Don't Ask to see my body, Lisa. When I die, when you finish the lawsuits that let you pry this footage from Murkoff's army of lawyers and corporate hitmen, don't make them show you my body. Just bury it. Or burn it. Let my sons remember me whole. That man is eating human flesh. He looks at me and I see anger. A little desire. But more than anything, hunger. Please don't make them show you my body. 04 食人魔的厨房 不要提出看我的尸体,丽萨。我死后,等你打完了官司,从穆科夫成堆的律师和杀手的手中想办法弄到录像和笔记之后,不要再让他们给你看尸体。直接埋掉。或者烧了。让孩子们记忆中的我保持一个完整的形状。 那人在吃人肉。他看向我,目光中有愤怒,有一点点渴望,但绝大部分是……饥饿。不要让他们给你看我的尸体。 05 Varying Effects Lisa, or whoever finds this, know that Murkoff is making monsters. I'd never seen the patients after they'd gone through that German's so-called therapy. The Engine. So much worse than I could have imagined. They may still be human, but something's been ripped out of them. And too many... other things pushed back in. They were not all murderers. They were sick, but they weren't killers. Murkoff made them monsters. Dr. Roset said that the engine had varying effects, the variant outcomes too erratic for any sort of prediction. I took it as idle cafeteria small talk, Raul's endless chatter. I should have listened. 05 不同的疗效 丽萨,或者找到这些笔记的其他什么人,请你务必知道:是穆科夫在制造怪物。我以前还一直不知道那些病人从仪器中出来后会变成什么样。他们接受德国佬的所谓的治疗之后我再没见过他们。仪器的效果远比我想象的更糟糕。这些病人……也许还算是人类,但某一部分已经从他们脑子里剥离了,而且还新掺进了许多……别的东西。他们原本并不都是杀手。他们也许有精神病,但不是杀人狂。是穆科夫把他们变成了杀人的怪物。 罗塞特医生说过,那仪器对不同的人有“不同的疗效”,在病人身上的结果飘忽无常,总出乎人们的意料。我以为那只是劳尔在午饭时间里的漫谈胡扯。我本该竖起耳朵仔细听听。 06 Satisfaction A scream. Is it him, the cannibal? Could be pleasure or pain, I won't guess. I'm not sure he'd even know. His voice sounds like... something I wanted while watching the Engine. Its only message is hunger, to crush and consume. I'm going to try to forget it, Lisa. If I get out of here, I'm going to come back to you. 06 满足 传来一声高叫。是那个食人魔在吼吗?可能是出于快乐,也可能是痛苦;我分辨不出,也不愿猜测。我甚至不确定快乐和痛苦对于他来说是否存在。他的声音听上去像……当我被迫看着发生仪引擎时,心中渴求的一些东西。其中传递的唯一信息是饥饿,是对碾碎和吸收的热望。我会努力忘掉这一切的,丽萨。如果能逃出这里,我会回到你身边。 07 This Is What The Game Is He's playing alone and losing. That is what the game is. There is a mathematical proof, if you add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 up to infinity, you can arrive at an answer. If you stop shy of infinity, you have an indescribably long number. If you continue all the way to infinity, you arrive at - 1/12. Negative 0.0833333 repeating. I'm losing my grip on things. I'm thinking about the drive here, 400 miles in a rented truck. The job that shows up just in time to cover our bills, our debts, the insurance. The boys sleeping in the back, nothing but AM radio. Gospel, Country-Western, late night paranoiac talk radio. We sang Patsy Klein songs and laughed at conspiracies of aliens and ghosts. Mile marker numbers passing in the headlights. I don't want to die here. 06 这就是规则 他独自一个人在打篮球, [没投中,] 输了。这就是规则。 有数学论证提到,按1+2+3+4+5一直加到+∞,能得到确定的结果。如果没加到正无穷,只会是一个难以表述的模糊的大数;但是如果你做到了,就得到-1/12。负零点八三三三三三无限循环。我的理智快要崩塌了。 在想咱们来这儿时走的那段路。开一辆租来的车,400英里。这份 [精神病院的] 差事出现得如此恰到好处,能帮助我们清偿一切账单、债务、保险费* 。孩子们睡在后排,一切寂寥无声,除了收音机传出的:福音音乐,乡村音乐,偏执狂的深夜脱口秀。我们跟唱Patsy Klein的歌,还对关于外星人和幽灵的阴谋理论大加嘲笑……车头灯照亮一个又一个里程牌……我不想死在这里。 -- * 钱钱钱!DLC第一篇文档 Resignation of Waylon Park 中杰里米•布莱尔提到丽萨,大意是威胁如果她继续为了丈夫的事闹穆科夫,就要取消掉承诺的保险,让帕克一家陷入沉重的债务里。 08 Down, Down, Down Somebody who looks as much like a priest as this place looks like as an asylum, writing instructions on the wall. Talking about God. Tells me not to be afraid. How was I ever a part of this inhumane bullshit greed-driven moral genocide? The monsters Murkoff ripped from tortured minds, the lengths their jack-booted business school worms will go to protect it. Their own men slaughtered. I've never prayed in my life, Lisa, but if some small-minded interventionist is listening, kill Jeremy Blaire before I die. Sanity and avarice. There's no pain he doesn't deserve. There is no radio. No hope of reaching the outside world. Only escape. 08 向下,向下,向下* 这鬼地方有多像精神病院,那人就有多像牧师** 。他在墙上写下血字给人指路。他提到上帝,告诉我不要害怕。 我当初到底怎么卷进这场利益驱使下的人性大灭绝的?穆科夫利用饱受折磨的病人来创造怪物,还有一批凶恶的商学院人渣在保护着这一切。他们屠杀自己人。丽萨,我这辈子还没祷告过,但此刻若是真有哪个爱插手凡间事务的小心眼神明在听的话:请在我死之前先干掉杰里米•布莱尔。他神志清醒,为了钱什么都做得出来。任何酷刑施加在他身上他都是死有余辜。 没有无线电了。再没有联系外界的可能。只有自己逃出去。 -- * 这时候神父给记者指路的Down The Drain(顺着水路向下)刚写一半。 ** 此句跪,大家意会。 09 Burning Lights The power is still on. Electricity. I need to think, Lisa. I thought the power was evidence that some manageable... some human force still controlled some small part of Mount Massive. But nothing human or sane can do anything here but survive, and even that not for long. You were always the reasonable one, Lisa. You would tell me to calm down, to take a larger view. Madness and inhumanity rule this place. Whatever is keeping the electricity flowing is trying to trap me here. I need to shut it down again? 09 电光 电网仍然在运作。 我得好好想想,丽萨。我原以为电力是在暗示,一些可控的……一些人性的力量仍然控制着巨山的小部分。然而人性和理智在这地方除了躲起来苟活外什么都做不到;而且即便苟活,也活不了多久。丽萨,你一直是咱们俩当中比较理智的那个,你总对我说要冷静下来,换个视角看问题。 疯狂和兽性统治了这里。保持电网开着的家伙想要困住我。我该再去试着关一次吗? 10 An Easy Way Out It would be so easy. I don't believe in it any more. Getting the truth out. There is no truth, only lies we've accepted too long to double back on. It's our children, Lisa. I would take the easy way out if it wasn't for the boys. Damn this place to hell, I'll suffer anything to get out of it. 10 捷径 一切可以这么简单。我再也不相信什么把真相带给世界之类的瞎话了。根本就没有真相。只有那些我们相信了太久、以至于无法抵抗的谎言。 但是我还有孩子啊,我们的孩子,丽萨。如果不是为了孩子我早就选 [死亡] 这条捷径了。让这鬼地方下地狱吧。为了逃出这里我什么都能忍。 11 Wise Man Back inside. Like the harder I try to escape the deeper I get. Dead men aren't a surprise anymore. Suicides seem wise. 11 聪明人 又绕回到这儿了。好像我越是努力想逃就陷得越深。看见死人再没什么值得惊奇的了。自杀:明智之选。 12 What Fresh Hell A man's body, mutilated and bent to mimic or... mock the moment of birth. The kind of thing that a man cannot see without changing in some irreparable way. Lisa, I was with you when both our boys were born. It was, until recently, the most miraculous thing I had seen. Completely outside of reasonable belief and yet somehow central to everything I've come to believe since. You always said I was too literal-minded, tried to turn everything into an if-then statement. Lately, I've widened my horizons. How can the things I've seen here be? But I know the answer. Money. Profit. Things we made just because we could. 12 什么鬼玩意 毁坏得不成样子的男性尸体被弯曲成了某种姿势,来对分娩的情景加以模仿,或者说是,嘲笑。一个男人无法达成的情景——除非他自身做出一些不可挽回的改变。 丽萨,咱们的两个孩子出生时我都在场。直到不久前,那还是我见证的最奇妙的时刻。虽然是那么的难以置信,却又同时居于我迄今相信过的一切事物的核心。 你说我缺乏想象力,想把一切统统编写进枯燥的if-then代码。但最近我的眼界开阔了很多。这里发生的这一切到底怎么可能存在于世上? 我知道答案。罪魁祸首就是……钱。利益。仅仅因为我们有能力做就 [不加约束地] 去做的事。 13 An Unwilling Bride Still intact. I'm here, Lisa. I'm still me. He... He tried to make me his bride. To cut me. Maybe I was wrong. Telling the world would only draw it here. Should this place just die and fester here? I won't tell the world if it means spreading the infection. Let it die alone, let it rot. 14 落跑新娘 我还是完好的。我还在,丽萨。我还是我。他……他想把我变成他的“新娘”。他想把我切开。 也许我错了。把真相告诉世界只会把世界引来这里。这座病院是不是会在这里溃败流脓?如果公布真相意味着把恶疾也传播出去的话,那我是不会说的。让它自个儿病死,自个儿烂掉吧。 14 Blue Beard's Wives Bodies hanging like wet laundry, like skinned rabbits. Men mutilated, hunted, and murdered. The shortest distance between any two points separates violence and ruined lust. Whatever story he's telling himself, he's not making women to bear his children, he's making women to kill them. Lisa, I want you to burn this place and any evidence it ever existed to the ground. Destroy the Murkoff Corporation. Bury it in shame, take away its money, wipe it from history. This man thinks he's in love. He thinks the therapy made him better. Everything reeks of death and fear. Piss and coppery blood, meat decomposing to game. 14 蓝胡子的妻子们 尸体成排挂在天花板上,像晾晒衣服或剥了皮的兔子。尸身残缺变形。他们都被 [那个疯子] 捉到手后残忍杀害。暴力与扭曲的肉欲之间总是只有薄薄一线之隔。无论他自以为在做什么,都绝不是让女人怀他的孩子——他是在让女人想杀了他的孩子。 丽萨,希望你烧了这地方,把它曾存在的一切证据付之一炬。摧毁穆科夫公司。让它在骂声中死去,拿走它的钱,把它从历史上抹掉。 这人以为自己是在恋爱。他以为治疗对他起了正面效果。一切都蒸腾着死亡与恐惧的气息:尿液、金属味的血、分解腐烂的肉体。 15 A Widower He's dead. The amateur surgeon, father-to-be, husband. His guts shredded and pulled from his belly. I'm trying not to laugh. Oh, God, Lisa, I swear to you I'm trying. 15 黑寡夫 他……死了。业余的外科医生,准爸爸,丈夫。内脏碎裂成片,从肚子里流出来。我努力不放声大笑……天啊……丽萨,我发誓我在努力。 16 A Burning Church A chapel on fire in the distance. I didn't even know we had a church. Where's God when you need him? 16 燃烧的教堂 远处一座小礼拜堂被火焰吞噬,而我之前甚至不知道这里还有教堂。你需要上帝时,他又在哪儿呢? 17 Serve and Protect Corporate cops, mercenaries, private military contractors, whatever they call them now. They're as helpless as the rest of us. Need to get out. Escape. 17 忠于职守 全力保护 企业警察、雇佣兵、私人军事公司员工——不管他们目前被外界称作什么,在这一刻,在这里,他们和我们一样束手无策。我必须出去。逃离这里。 18 Jeremy Blaire Jeremy Blaire. My supervisor's supervisor, a man who'd see me skinned, salted, and raped for a promotion and a few martinis. Injured. Dying if he's not already dead. I'm trying to feel sorry for him. Really, I am. But there's no way in hell he's stopping me from getting out of this godforsaken place. I'm coming home, Lisa. 17 杰里米•布莱尔 杰里米•布莱尔——我的大总管。这个人可以面不改色地观赏我被强奸犯和食人魔开膛破肚、生吞活剥,就为了他的一次小小升迁和几杯马丁尼。他受了重伤,正在死去——如果他现在还不算是死了的话。我真的很想为他哪怕有一点点遗憾悲伤。 但是他这次绝不可能再阻止我走出这个天杀的人间地狱。 丽萨,亲爱的,我要回家了。 +fin+ 感谢看到这里的任何人,没什么可送的,就把这段一分半的 主角娇喘音频 作为福利吧。(音频源:tumblr, spookedjournalist) 2015-01-03 热度(209)
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